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Renting a Gown

Interested in saving money and wearing the dress of your dreams in your budget? Rent your bridal gown from us! It's easy. You don't have to worry about storing, preserving, or dry cleaning the gown after your big day. Save money and look beautiful in fashion-forward gowns, what's not to love?  Here's how it works...

Step 1

Choose Your Dress

Select a dress and reserve it for your special day. A rental deposit in full is due up front on the day of reservation, then a damage deposit is due on the day of pick up.

Step 2

Rent It

Rent the dress for (5) days unless you select in advance to have it longer. It is an additional $20/day beyond the (5) rental period.

Step 3

Return It

Drop off the dress on or before the return date. We will take care of it from there! It's as simple as that!

Renting Guidelines

Terms: The  item must be available for your event in order to rent it. Our items on consignment are available in our store for a 6 month term. Any item rented must be rented while the item is available in our store. Generally, items rented can only be rented within a 6 month or less time frame. The available rental period solely depends upon how long the item has been in our store. If the item is not available to rent, you may purchase the item and we would be happy to reconsign it with you after your event! 

Stipulations: The gowns must be rented as-is, in it's current condition.


Alterations: We can do minor alterations on gowns that are rented. We can add straps, bra cups, a rolled hem (depending upon the fabric) , take it in slightly, add a bustle, among other minor adjustments. Any alterations made to the gowns are allowed only if they can be let out without damaging the gown.  Alterations are only allowed to be done by our store.

Damages: If there are any damages beyond repair, such as a hole, rip, spilled red wine, black tar stains, etc, the gown must be purchased for the original retail price. 


Cleaning: Dry cleaning is additional to the rental price. Exact pricing is evaluated based on the particular gown that is rented. Generally we charge about $50 for dry cleaning. We will have the gown dry cleaned for you after your event. As long as the gown is in an acceptable, resellable condition we will refund the damage deposit.

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