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We have over 300 new & once loved bridal gowns! Over
75% of our inventory is new!

Use the filter option to narrow your search!
Gowns priced under $400 are not listed. We only have a handful in that price range.


 - All new, unworn dresses are marked "New!" on this homepage.

- Dresses marked "Out of Stock/SOLD" means just that. We sold the dress and it is no longer in our store to purchase.

- Bridal sizing is NOT the same as typical street sizing. Bridal runs about 2-3 sizes, if not more, smaller than every day sizing. All designers and silhouettes are going to affect the sizing. Keep that in mind when looking through our inventory! 

- We do alterations here, in-store. We can do customizations such as adding straps or off the shoulder sleeves, removing beading or belts, adding sparkle, remove sleeves and so much more! 

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